Marchese di Borgosole In 800 with the surrender of King Francis II to Garibaldi and the fall of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the province of Lecce was annexed to Piedmont. A group of noble teenagers escaped from the infuriating battles taking refuge in the Serre Leccesi. They were helped by the father of one of the boys. Hidden by the enchanting hills, immersed in an almost fairytale landscape, these young men founded the small BorgoSole, so called for the positive energy transmitted. Marchese di Borgosole is a tribute to the places of origin of the grapes and to those who favored the birth of a wonderful glimpse of Southern Italy, whose names remain unfortunately unkown but whose noble lineage is certain.
Salice Salentino DOC Riserva
  • GRAPES: Negroamaro
  • CLIMATE: The climate is warm and temperate, with abundant rainfall throughout the year. In summer, the African winds cause a rapid and marked rise in temperatures with significant temperature fluctuations.
  • HARVEST: September
  • STORAGE TIME: 4 years
  • BOTTLE SIZE: 750 ml
  • SERVING. TEMP.: 18/20 °C
  • ALCOHOL CONTENT: 13,5% Vol
  • More or less intense ruby red in colour, colour with possible orange reflections
  • Pleasant and intense bouquet. Red berries notes stand out
  • Dry, full, robust, velvety, warm and harmonious flavour
  • Recommended with roasted and red meat. Excellent with aged cheese

The harvested and destemmed grapes have been vinified with 7/8 days of maceration in order to extract colour and structure. The alcoholic and malolactic fermentation are made in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature 25/27 °C The wine obtained is aged at least 24 months, of which 6 in wooden barrels.