Tordelcolle The profile of Abruzzo, Molise and Apulia could have been drawn by a stylist to make Italy look like a masterpiece: the “heel” that makes the Italian “boot” unique. Elegant heels can turn sporty or bold ones can become romantic thanks to a detail that makes the difference. The heel of the Italian “boot” is made of three beautiful regions. Starting from L’Aquila, reaching Campobasso and arriving in Bari, we discover gentle hills that become wonderful beaches as we approach the sea. Here we can also explore ancient ruins reminding us the splendour of the rich castles that once dominated these territories. The brand name “Tordelcolle” is a tribute to the magnificence of ruins, that from their highness could dominate the whole area. This brand aims to express the culture, the unique food tradition of the Italian “heel”, where wines have a distinctive, definite flavour as their territory.
Salice Salentino DOC Riserva
  • GRAPES: Negroamaro
  • CLIMATE: The climate is warm and temperate, with significant rainfall all year round. During the summer the African winds cause rapid and marked rise of the thermometer and high temperature variation.
  • HARVEST: September
  • STORAGE TIME: 5/6 years
  • BOTTLE SIZE: 750 ml
  • SERVING. TEMP.: 18/20 °C
  • ALCOHOL CONTENT: 13,5% Vol
  • Intense red colour, the wine acquires orange hints as it ages
  • Pleasant and intense odor
  • Dry, full, robust, velvety, warm and harmonious flavour
  • Recommended with roasted and red meat. Excellent with aged cheese

The harvested and destemmed grapes have been vinified with 7/8 days of maceration in order to extract colour and structure. The alcoholic and malolactic fermentation are made in steel tanks at a controlled temperature 25/27 °C The wine obtained is aged at least 24 months, of which 6 in wooden barrels.