Caleo From Tuscany to Sicily going through Abruzzo and Puglia: this is Caleo. A journey in Central and Southern Italy, to explore the different landscapes from East to West, seizing the uniqueness and diversity of each area. Each wine of this line is made from native grapes that express, in the bottle, all the terroir of the places of origin.
Pecorino Terre di Chieti IGT
  • GRAPES: Pecorino
  • PRODUCTION AREA: Abruzzo Region, Chieti area
  • CLIMATE: Classic Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild and rainy winters. In winter, despite the mitigating presence of the sea, cold spells from the Balkans can occur, with snow also along the coasts
  • HARVEST: Second half of August
  • STORAGE TIME: 14/16 months
  • BOTTLE SIZE: 750 ml
  • SERVING. TEMP.: 10/12 °C
  • Yellow colour with green reflections
  • The bouquet is unmistakable and immediate, with an intense impression of white pulped fruits with the complexity given by exotic fruits
  • The wine has a well-balanced structure supported by good acidity, with a long and persistent finish
  • It matches well with all dishes of fish, white meat and soups

The grapes are soft-pressed and the must obtained ferments for 15/20 days at a low controlled temperature, 12/14 °C, in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then stored at 18/20 °C in stainless steel tanks until the bottling time