Lapilli Lapilli is a size classification term for tephra, which is material that falls out of the air during a volcanic eruption. Lapilli (singular: lapillus) means "little stones" in Latin. Lapilli, based in the very South-West of the Avellino province, was created in 1996 as a family run business, and has been meticulously managed by its dedicated team ever since. In a region traditionally renowned for its premium wines, Lapilli have aimed to make these fabulous wines a little more accessible without compromising on the quality. The result is a range of enticing, elegant wines that represent fantastic value for money and yet still boast outstanding varietal aromas and flavours, complexity and reliable, clean consistency
Greco di Tufo DOCG
  • GRAPES: Greco di Tufo
  • CLIMATE: Clearly influenced by the presence of the sea, the climate is quintessentially Mediterranean, with very high temperatures in the summer, made more bearable by the mitigating effect of the sea and the orography of the region.
  • HARVEST: End of October
  • STORAGE TIME: 4 years
  • BOTTLE SIZE: 750 ml
  • SERVING. TEMP.: 10/12 °C
  • Intense straw yellow colour
  • At the nose: notes of apricot, pear, apple, peach, almond with hints of sage and mineral
  • In the mouth excellent acidity, sensations that recall ripe fruits
  • This wine is particularly suitable to accompany vegetable soups, white meats, shellfish and seafood based dishes

The grapes are soft-pressed and the must obtained ferments for 15/20 days at a controlled temperature, 15/17 °C, in steel tanks. The wine rests on the lees for several weeks to acquire volume and complexity before the bottling time.