Corte Ottone Not far from the city of Brindisi are the ruins of the monastery of Paolo Eremita, its founder. Walking among the ruins you can still perceive the spirituality of ancient times and enjoy the reverential silence that the place imposes. Near the outer walls, close to the former entrance door, there is the small courtyard where you can admire a small altar made of brass, incredibly inviolate. This was the altar where the winemakers and peasants, at the beginning of the season, deposited their supplications receiving the blessing for their work. Corte Ottone is inspired by this legend, celebrating those winemakers who have been able to preserve and pass on to us the precious grapes that give life to this wine.
Copertino DOC Riserva
  • GRAPES: Negroamaro
  • CLIMATE: The climate is warm and temperate, with abundant rainfall throughout the year. In summer, the African winds cause a rapid and marked rise in temperatures with significant temperature fluctuations.
  • HARVEST: Second, third week of September
  • STORAGE TIME: When correctly cellared, this wine will continue to age for 7-8 years after bottling
  • BOTTLE SIZE: 750 ml
  • SERVING. TEMP.: 18/20 °C
  • Deep red colour
  • The bouquet gives notes of berries with a main aroma of cherries
  • The palate is soft and round with velvety tannins well balanced with the long persistent finish
  • It matches well with mature hard cheeses, roasted pork, beef steaks and all game dishes 

Once harvested, destemmed and soft pressed grapes are cold soaked at 3-4°C in order to extract the characteristic aromas; fermentation and maceration last 15-20 days at a controlled temperature 25-27°C, during this time both alcoholic and malolactic fermentation are completed. Once pressed off the skins the wine is aged for at least 2 years.