Botter Botter means wines since 1928. A wide range of products, many of which are made with grapes from native vines in order to underline our multi-territorial approach that spans the whole of Italy, from the North to the South. From the wines of Veneto to those of Sicily and Apulia, our selection traces out a map of Italian oenological culture and taste that reveals a shared passion.
Cabernet Veneto IGT
  • GRAPES: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
  • PRODUCTION AREA: Veneto Region
  • CLIMATE: Temperate, mitigated by the sea, the chain of the Alps protects it from the northern winds. Winters are cold and wet, summers are hot and sultry with medium temperature excursions..
  • HARVEST: Second half of September
  • STORAGE TIME: 2/3 years
  • BOTTLE SIZE: 750, 1500 ml
  • SERVING. TEMP.: 18-20 °C
  • ALCOHOL CONTENT: 12% vol.
  • Deep red colour, tending towards garnet
  • Intense and slightly herbaceous bouquet
  • Aristocratic character, well balanced with a light velvety tannic note
  • Great wine for roasted or grilled meats. Ideal with salami and game. Excellent with hard aged cheeses

Traditional red wine vinification at a controlled temperature between 25 and 27 °C.