“How can you live in New York, while Venice and Paris exist?” Ernest Hemingway wondered. How can you blame him … Venice is like an old lady who, as time goes by, has lost part of her glory but none of her charm and beauty.

Walking through Venice fills the heart and frees the mind, it is the best antidote to stress and thoughts. Wandering through its tiny streets and squares, even without knowing where to go, and letting the stones and the water guide you will make you discover new glimpses, some small “bacaro” (Venice typical wine bar) never visited before, and make you raise your eyes to the sky, catching a glimpse of a small flowered roof…

Getting lost is impossible, at worst you could end up in a dead end, from which you could easily retrace your steps by just turning back.

Venice is unique, particular, special; it has a dual soul: happy, joyful and glowing during the summer season, silent, reserved and gloomy when winter comes. Walking around that world magically floating on water, you can grasp its different facets and try to catch its essence.

With these 3 wines we tried to tell Venice different nuances: a fresh and fruity white to sip while having lunch in the shade of the Rialto bridge, a harmonious and floral rosé to be enjoyed at sunset in San Marco square, and finally a round and velvety red to savour on an autumn evening surrounded by the fog. Discover our Chardonnay, Rosé and Rosso.


It’s been 50 years now and that little piece of carbon still represents the forbidden dream of many women and men around the world. White, black or fancy…does not matter … what really counts is that it is big and shining. Yes, I said men mistake.. we live in a time when many stereotypes have been defied and many generational gaps bridged: in the world of fashion, women love to wear men’s clothes, discovering that they can use the same dresses while remaining different and the same is true for men; in the world of wine, sparklings have matched the taste of both women and men, overcoming the old prejudice which saw the former drinking only white wines and the latter exclusively red ones; nowadays not only older men hang out with younger women, but also women do the same with younger boys.

What joins all genders and ages in the new millennium is the desire to have fun, to live, to escape …and what more than a glittering, sparkling, shining object can convey the idea of ​​celebration?
Here then comes BRILLA… real Italian style… original Italian touch…